Rei: Auson

Idioma: Etrusco

Auson. Italian king father of Liparus [Dio.5.7.5].



Son of Auson, king in Italy. Liparus was chased from Italy and came to the Aeolian islands (north of Sicily), and having returned to Italy with the help of Aeolus 2, he died in great esteem [Dio.5.7.5].



King of Italy, who called the country after himself. He was son of Telegonus 3 (son of Circe or of Calypso 3) and Penelope. Italus married Leucaria, daughter of Latinus 1, and had children by her: Roma 2, Sicelus 2, and Romus. Italus was succeeded by Morges [DH.1.12.3, 1.22.4, 1.35.1, 1.72.6; Hyg.Fab.127; Plu.Rom.2.1; Vir.Aen.7.178]

Morges. King of Italy after Italus [DH.1.12.3].



King of the coast of Italy as far as Rhegium (city in the “toe” of Italy). He was son of Aeolus 2 and Cyane 2, daughter of Liparus, son of Auson, an Italian king [Dio.5.8.1].



King of Crotona (city in southern Italy) who made war against the Locri in Italy, and was the first to sail to the White Island, at the mouths of the Ister (Danube). There he saw the souls of the AIANTES (Ajax 1 and Ajax 2), Helen (who was wedded to Achilles), Patroclus 1 and Antilochus (one of the ACHAEAN LEADERS) [Pau.3.19.12ff.].


Son of Phaeax 1. Locrus, having quarrelled with his brother Alcinous, made an agreement with him whereby Alcinous would be king of Phaeacia while Locrus, taking some treasures and part of the people, would leave the country. He then emigrated to Italy where he was welcomed by King Latinus 1, who married him to his daughter Laurine. Some time later, Heracles 1, who passed by driving the cattle of Geryon, and was received as a guest by Locrus. However, Latinus 1 tried to drive the cattle, and Heracles 1 went after him. Then Locrus (who had changed his clothes), came to the aid of his guest. But Heracles 1, having thought that Locrus was someone coming to the aid of the king, shot an arrow and killed him [Con.3].



Phaeax is the man from whom the Phaeacians received their name. He was son of Poseidon and Corcyra (daughter of Asopus, one of the RIVER GODS), and father of Alcinous, who received both the ARGONAUTS and Odysseus. He is also said to be the father of Locrus, who emigrated to Italy [Con.3; Dio.4.72.3].


An Argive, founder of Crotona in southern Italy. Myscelus was son of Alemon, also from Argos [DH.2.59.3; Ov.Met.15.20ff.].



Cyane 2. Daughter of Liparus, son of Auson, a king in Italy. According to some accounts she is the wife of the contented Aeolus 2, the ruler of the winds, and the mother of his children: Arne, Lapithus 2, Astyochus, Xuthus 2, Androcles, Pheraemon, Jocastus, Agathyrnus, Polymele 3, and Diores 3 [Dio.4.67.3, 5.7.5, 5.8.1, 5.81.6; Hyg.Fab.186; Parth.2.2].


Dares 2 participated in the games held by Aeneas in Sicily and was defeated by Entellus in a boxing match. He was later killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneasin Italy [Vir.Aen.5.368ff., 12.363].



A fun name for a fun God of frolics and feasting. He’s a highly popular drinking deity. Is there any other kind?
In the best BACCHUS fashion, he’s still very much in vogue in the Tuscany Vineyards under the name of Faflon. We will most certainly drink to that.


Goddess with eyes in her wings. She sees all. You may get to see her just before you die — which is when she’s at her most helpful.