Butes 6 was a Thracian, son of Boreas 1 [see WINDS]. He plotted against his brother Lycurgus 8, and had to go in exile. After having made his way through the Cyclades, Butes 6 and his companions came to Thessaly, where they met the MAENADS who fled in fright. Butes 6 could anyway seize Coronis 3, who gave later birth to Hippodamia 4. But she, angry at him for having been so insolently seized, called upon Dionysus 2, who drove Butes 6 mad, and he, throwing himself into a well, met his death [Dio.4.70.3, 5.50.2, 5.50.5].

Charops 4. This is the man who informed Dionysus 2 of the plot of King Lycurgus 1 of Thrace against him. Dionysus 2 conquered the Thracians in a battle and killed Lycurgus 1. When he had done this Dionysus 2, out of gratitude to Charops 4, passed on the kingdom of the Thracians to him and instructed him in the secret rites connected with the initiations. Later Charops 4‘s son Oeagrus took over both the kingdom and the initiatory rites. Charops 4 is the grandfather of Orpheus[Dio.3.65.4ff.].

Hypsipyle. When the Lemnian women decided to kill their husbands and all men in Lemnos because of their having taken Thracian wives, Hypsipyle became their queen. It was then that the ARGONAUTS came to the island and Hypsipyle, having consorted with Jason, gave birth to Euneus 1 and Nebrophonus 1, or to Euneus 1 and Deipylus 2, or to Euneus 1 and Thoas 9. When later it became known that Hypsipyle secretly had spared her father Thoas 3 she was sold into slavery by the Lemnian women. That is how she came to Nemea (a city in northern Argolis) where she became the nurse of King Lycurgus 3‘s son Opheltes 1. When the SEVEN AGAINST THEBEScame to Nemea looking for water, Hypsipyle showed them the way to a spring, and doing so she left behind the little prince Opheltes 1 who was killed by a serpent, or as some say, devoured by a dragon. Her son Euneus 1 became afterwards King of Lemnos, and is known for having sent ships from the island with cargoes of wine for the Achaeans during the Trojan War [AO.479; Apd.1.9.17, 3.6.4; Hyg.Fab.15; Stat.Theb.4.721, 5.29ff., 5.38, 6.342; Val.2.244ff.].]

Lycurgus 8. A Thracian king, son of Boreas 1 [see WINDS]. He was plotted against by his brother Butes 6 but discovering his conspiracy sent him into exile [Dio.5.50.1-2].

Oeagrus joined Dionysus 2 in his Indian campaign at the time Orpheus was still a little child. But this Thracian king is best remembered for being the father of the great minstrel Orpheus, whom Calliope, the eldest of the MUSES, bore him; by her he was also father of Linus 4, who taught Heracles 1 to play the lyre and was killed by his disciple with a blow of the lyre. Oeagrus, some say, was also father of Marsyas, whom he had by Hyagnis, the inventor of the music of the double pipes. Oeagrus was son either of Ares or of Charops 4, the man who told Dionysus 2 of the plot of Lycurgus 1 against him [Apd.1.3.2; Dio.3.65.6; Hyg.Fab.14, 165; Nonn.10.233, 13.428, 22.190].

Hippodamia 4 (Deidamia 3). This is the bride of Pirithous whom the CENTAURS attempted to violate at her wedding party. She was the daughter of Butes 6, a Thracian son of Boreas 1 (the North Wind [see WINDS]). By Pirithous she had a son Polypoetes 1, who fought at Troy. It was after her death that Pirithous came to Athens and persuaded Theseus to seize and carry off Helen [Apd.Ep.1.21; Dio.4.63.1-2, 4.70.3 ].