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Adda-danu e Yapahu

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Šuwardata‘s – Rei de Gate

EA 366— letter of his brothers aid[edit] In letter EA 366, “A rescue operation”, Šuwardata discusses the war with the Habiru, and the aid of his brother rulers. See: letter no. 8 of 8 by Šuwardata, entitled: “A rescue operation”.



Rei de Asquelom

Yidya, and also Idiya, was the Canaanite mayor/ruler of ancient Ašqaluna/Ashkelon in the 13501335 BC Amarna letters correspondence.

Yidya is mainly referenced in the Amarna letters corpus, in his own letters: EA 320–326, (EA for ‘el Amarna‘). However, the other reference to Yidya is a letter from the pharaoh to his vassal Yidya, letter EA 370.




Yanhamu 0 representante do faraó

Yanhamu, also Yenhamu, and Enhamu, was an Egyptian commissioner of the 13501335 BC Amarna letters correspondence.

No. 4 of 5, Title—”Extortion”
No. 5 of 5, Title—”The power of the ‘Apiru