Rei: Aloeu

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Filha de Aloeus. Pancratis. Daughter of Aloeus 1 (son of Poseidon) and Iphimedia. For Pancratis sake, some say, her suitors Sicelus 1 and Hecetorus killed each other. Others say that Sicelus 1 and Agassamenus were the children of Hecetorus, and and that they killed each other for her. But if Sicelus 1 and Hecetorus did kill each other, then Pancratis married Agassamenus, king of the Thracians in the island of Strongyle [Dio.5.50.6; Parth.19].


Hecetoro e Sícelo

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King of the Thracians in the island of Strongyle. He married Pancratis after her suitors Hecetorus and Sicelus 1 had killed each other. Or else he and Sicelus 1 were the sons of Hecetorus and they killed each other for Pancratis, daughter of Aloeus 1, son of Poseidon [Dio.5.50.6; Parth.19].